17th Century Settlers 

  •  Anne, Charles, Frances, John, Mary, Neophytus, Samuel, Pheophilus, Timothy Higginson, who all settled in Salem, Massachusetts in 1629
  • John Higginson, who landed in New England in 1629
  • Francis Higginson, who arrived in Salem, Mass in 1629
  • Humfrey Higginson, aged 28, arrived in Virginia in 1635
  • Humphrey Higginson settled in Virginia in 1635 

 18th Century Settlers 

  •  Abbigal Higginson, who landed in Virginia in 1701
  • Stewart Higginson, who landed in Mississippi in 1798 

 19th Century Settlers 

  •  Charles Higginson, who landed in New York, NY in 1834
  • Henry Higginson arrived in Adelaide aboard the ship “Calphurnia” in 1849
  • Sarah Higginson arrived in Adelaide aboard the ship “Calphurnia” in 1849
  • W Higginson, who landed in San Francisco, Cal in 1850
  • James Higginson arrived in Auckland aboard the ship “Phoenix” in 1860 

 Current Notables 

 In the New World the Irish played an important role in building the nation by forming a major part of the labour force that built the railroads, coal mines, bridges and canals. They also lent their culture to the arts, sciences, commerce, and religion. Incidentally, there is a story that during the unsettled times of the 19th century, 9 rebellious Irishmen were sentenced to death. Their sentence was transferred to banishment to the colonies and in 1888, a surprised Queen Victoria learned that all nine had become prominent men in their new country, as statesmen, high court judges, mayors and bishops.General Sir George Wentworth Alexander Higginson GCB, GCVO (1826-1927) British Crimean War hero

  • Torri Higginson (b.1969) award winning Canadian stage and film actress
  • Lyall Higginson, Canadian Cardiologist and former Chief of Staff of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute
  • Thomas Wentworth Higginson (1823-1911) American author, abolitionist, and soldier
  • William J. Higginson (1938-2008) American poet, translator, and author
  • James Macaulay Higginson (1805-1885) British Governor of Antigua from 1847 to 1850
  • Henry Lee Higginson (1834-1919) American banker and philanthropist and founder of the Boston Symphony Orchestra 
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