Here is a listing of some of the sources consulted when researching Irish surnames. The resources below directly or indirectly influenced the authors of our surname histories. We have most of these titles in our library, others we have borrowed or had access to. Source materials have been chosen for their reliability and authenticity. Our research into surnames is ongoing, and we are continually adding to our source library. For each surname history, we seek and refer to sources specific to the surname; these are generally not included in the list below. 

Baxter, Angus. In Search of Your British and Irish Roots. 4th
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(ISBN 0-8063-1203-3)
Heraldic Scroll and Map of Family Names and Origins of
Ireland. Dublin: Mullins.

Trusted Web Sites

The National Archives of Ireland: College of Arms (England):
British History Online: Library and Archives Canada:
United Kingdom National Archives: The National Archives (USA):


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United States

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New Zealand

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